Thursday, June 11, 2009

Animal Collective Unofficial Edit

One of the things I've incorporated into my live set is music from elsewhere that has truly inspired me. But I've tried not to just play the original track as a DJ would, but instead attempted to do "live" remixes of said music.

One example I used is a track off the recent stunning Animal Collective album "Merriweather Post Pavilion". (If you haven't heard the album yet, where have you been? You need it in your life! Buy it on iTunes here.)

What I did with the track got such a huge reaction when I played it in my first live set that I decided I really had to commit it And here it is for your listening pleasure:

Animal Collective - My Girls (Mike Monday's Unofficial Remix)

It is completely unofficial so if you like it please support the brilliant, wonderful, marvellous Animal Collective and buy their album or if you can't stretch to that, then at least the track "My Girls".

Oh and here's some of the reactions I've had from a few DJ luminaries I've sent it to:

"ace! played it at the arches"

f**king great remix of the animal collective
"really really good man! played it out twice already."

"yes yes yes mister Monday
another big dancefloor shaker
Full support as always"

"bro....just heard your remix of the animal collective.....wikid
really liking that line you have taken....super good... MANDY played it in Romania the other day, and i almost fell over..."

"yea man, just dropped your "my girls" boot at this street faire fest here in SF and the crowd went mental"

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Sauze said...

I played it as well, floor fucking loved it (as do I). Nice work!