Monday, July 7, 2008

The start of the rest of my life

I've just finished my second album "Songs Without Words Part 1", and am coming to terms with having a life again. I've spent the last 9 months holed up alone in the studio, and am now wondering what's next. Its been a difficult birth...

So I now have an opportunity to start this blog, which I hope will give an insight into what makes someone who writes and performs their own tunes tick. I'll be posting new tracks, videos, mixes as well as taking a camera on the road with me to put up anything that I find interesting, annoying or ridiculous.

Here's a link to a 30 minute DJ mix I did for the Om and DJDownload Sonar event. It's a sneak peek at some club remixes of tracks from the album as well as some of my recent remixes. Be quick as its only available to download free until 17th July:

Mike Monday's Free Exclusive Sonar Mix

Mike Monday - I Am Plankton (Om) *
Tommy Four Seven - Eat Me - Mike Monday Remix (Brique Rouge)
Mike Monday - The 11 11 - Original Club Mix (Om) *
Mike Monday - I Am Plankton - Mikes Swim For It The Jellyfish Are Coming Dub Mix (Om) *
Tomski & Fredboy - Do The Tartelet - Mike Monday Remix (Tartelet)
Mike Monday - The Unanswered Question (Om) *
Worthy - Mummer - Mike Monday Remix (Katabatic)
Mike Monday - Salieri Complex - Extended Club Mix (Om) *
Mike Monday - Stargirl - Exclusive Sonar Remix (Om) *

taken from the forthcoming album on Om Records "Songs Without Words pt 1"

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Lee Jarvis said...

Thought the forthcoming album deserved a mention here:

Can't wait for that to drop, Catnip already sounds amazing too.